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After many years and tens of web projects developments, we are proud of our reputation for client service and success.
We thoroughly examine each customer’s case. Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, responsive, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. We constantly conduct research on new technology to meet the growing needs of our customers.

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We develop advanced web solutions & enterprise web applications based on ASP.NET framework technology.
Web development is becoming more and more versatile, with recent adoption of 2d and 3d rendering (canvas, webgl), audio/video apis, websockets, client-side storage and databases, to name a few. The days of the static text web page are over.


We deliver software solutions that excel in high-complexity environments to achieve challenging business objectives.

Responsive web-design means that the same code is used to display the content on any type of device. The most popular framework to achieve this today is Bootstrap.


We develop web sites and e-commerce on basis WordPress, it is an Open Source project,

which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it.

This popular CRM is very easy to work with and allows our clients manage their sites themselves


HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML.

This new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows creating more diverse and powerful landing pages.

Attract customers with beautiful and informative pages.


Emma Grimerg

R&D leader with 30+ years of experience, specializing in transformation, integration, and cost reduction.

Hands-on technologist with a proven record of accomplishment in leadership of complex, mission-critical development with strong technological orientation and fine interpersonal interface.

Specialties: Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Big Data, Mobile Technology, Emerging Technologies, Architecture, Sourcing, Communication, Governance, Disaster Recovery, Security, Information Technology, Strategy Planning, Program Management.

Lev Kibrik
Sales and Marketing
Andre Grimberg
Tech Support


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